Who doesn’t love a challenge? Here at Gamewheel, we love to play! We even keep a scoreboard of who ate the most chocolates in one day, who can jump the highest and who can dance the longest.

Even though we’re especially good at optimizing Game Ads to get the highest possible numbers for the lowest price. Sometimes, it’s not just about the ad’s performance but about the challenge of creating a fun game that can deliver a big message in a playful and sticky manner that gets us truly excited!

Our friends at Oracle know our soft spot for tackling abstract concepts. So it came as no surprise when they challenged us to create a game to advertise their upcoming Cloud events and show just how easy it is to use the Oracle Cloud platform.

1_Oracle_Start Screen_640x960
2_Oracle_Game Screen_640x960

5_Oracle_End Screen_640x960

The programing wizards here at Gamewheel created a Cloud Stacker game which was used to promote the events on Oracle’s social media channels, especially through their strong Twitter handles, coupled with the hashtag #CloudZumAnfassen.

The game visualized just how easy it is to stack Oracle services (see what we did there!) and then directly prompted them to sign-up for the event at the landing page.

How did “Cloud stacker” stack up?

The Cloud stacker game yielded a remarkably high Engagement rate.


Increased Avg. CTR 85%

3 time

3x More Time Spent on Ad

Engagement Icon

2x Average Replays


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Ad channel Facebook
Ad format Facebook Ad
Goal Brand Awareness and New Product Launch
Targeting Oracle Fans and IT Specialists
Game type Collector
Production time <24h
Results Increased Avg. CTR 85%
3x More Time Spent on Ad
2x Average Replays
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