Movies turning into games and games turning into movies is nothing new, if anything it’s a guaranteed bestseller or blockbuster because of the added marketing boost! But the momentous costs of video game development, even for something as small as a mobile app, make it impossible for smaller or indie films to benefit from the tried and true formula. Not anymore though! Using Gamehweel’s self service SaaS platform, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, a hilarious, gory zombie-filled flick, was able to include games in its DVD/ BLu-Ray marketing mix.

The Challenge:

Our partner, AdGibbon, needed to create a game that will be part of the film’s DVD and Blu-Ray online marketing campaign in the Netherlands. By using Game Ads, they were able to breathe life into the static banner ad format and deliver a pioneering interactive “shoot ‘em up” game to Paramount that made the movie’s (MRAID) ad a whole lot more exciting and more importantly, unexpected!


The performance of the game speaks volumes to once again support our (and the world’s) belief that games do make for better entertainment.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Game performed

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Reached 1,500,000 impression


35% Better CTR than a Classic Banner Ad

3 time

8x More Time Spent on Game Ads

With those stats in mind, Game Ads reflect users’ desire and demand for interactive ad content that’s both playful and engaging.

The 15 seconds game challenges you to shoot as many brain-munching zombies as possible. Think you can beat the all time highest score?

Hit the play button to find out.

Universal Zombie Game Play

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Ad channel Mobile web (in-app)
Ad format MRAID Mobile Interstitial Banner
Goal Increase traffic to the product landing page with new DVD (LINK)
Targeting In App mobile gaming – MoPub SSP
Game type Classic retro game – Whack ’em up
Production time <48 hours
Traffic 1,500,000 total game impressions
Results +35% CTR
8x more time on the ad
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